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Cash or Visa/Mastercard with order unless other credit arrangements are made prior to delivery. Prices listed are subject to alterations without notice, and deliveries will be made at prices current at the time of despatch.


Tasco always has on hand a wide variety of quality building blocks and pavers. Coloured building blocks, coloured common bricks and our Freestone range for brick veneer homes are all made to order. These will normally need to be ordered 4 weeks before they are needed due to the curing process for concrete products.


Blocks and pavers can be ordered by phone or in person during opening hours (Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm) or by email or fax at any time. Orders will be processed immediately and prepared for pickup or specially wrapped for freight.

Delivery Policy and Conditions

All pallets of blocks and pavers are delivered by a private contractor as soon as is practicable usually within the week. Freight prices are set by the private contractor and charged through the normal invoice. (See General Conditions of Sale for more information) Although care is taken all consignments are carried under General Freight conditions and have no insurance. Product is delivered on timber pallets and are subject to a pallet deposit charge of $25. Where local government regulations prohibits it, blocks cannot be left on nature strips.


All pallets are returnable, and the deposit is credited when the pallet is returned to Tasco by the PURCHASER.


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