Polished Slate Residence

The Tasco Signature Series Polished block was used in this residential project in Launceston.

Product used was the Slate coloured 90mm blocks with a full Polished Finish and matching mortar colour.  The home owner’s brief was to create a stylish finish with a high gloss polish to the masonry in the project to blend in with the overall colour scheme and project design.

The masonry in this project was finished off with a neat square mortar joint which highlights the polished finish without being raked out too deeply.

Polished block walls have been sealed with a high quality sealer from Shalex Industries to provide an even higher gloss finish.  The sealer used was Glaze Sealer.  This is an excellent sealer for polished block as it is a water based, penetrative sealer that provides long term protection and a high gloss finish.


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