Edgestone Garden Edge

Tasco’s new Edgestone garden edge block is ideal for creating an attractive and simple edging to retain low gardens or to create an effective border around trees and shrubs.  

Weighing only 4kg, the Edgestone blocks are easy to handle and to install to create your own design in curved or straight edging.

The split rock face creates a natural stone like appearance and is a miniature version of the Tasco Rockface Capestone retaining wall block.

Download the Brochure

Edgestone Garden Edge Brochure Edgestone Garden Edge Brochure (276 KB)

Product features:

  • The block size is 180mm long - 90mm high at the face and 140mm deep.
  • Each block steps back 10mm per course.
  • 5.55 Blocks per Lm.   
  • Blocks have a solid top – so no cap is     required.
  • Available in two colours - Bluestone and Limestone.
  • Create internal or external curves.
  • Maximum height 3 courses - 270mm
  • 336 Blocks per pallet


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