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Colonial Freestone

This classic and attractive finish creates a natural sandstone wall like appearance which never dates. This style of masonry is also effective as an internal feature wall to create a warm natural stone effect. Strategically placed lighting can be used to highlight the varying textures and colours in the wall.

Each block is bolstered around the edge giving a random stone chipped finish.

Smooth corners are also available to create an old town - quoining building style.

Freestone blocks are 190 x 90 x 390 mm, making them suitable for traditional veneer construction.

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Tasco coloured blocks incorporate the water repellent additive - "Tech Dry". Tech-Dry protects the masonry units against water absorption thus leading to a dramatic reduction in efflorescence in the finished wall. We recommend the inclusion of Tech Dry Mortar additive to also protect the mortar joints from efflorescence.

The colonial freestone range is made to order. To ensure colour consistency over large projects, we recommend the entire order of the project be produced together from the same batch. Lead times apply. Colour swatches in this web site and sample tiles are provided as an indication of the colours and textures available. Some variations in colour may occur due to natural changes within the raw material source.


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