Architectural Coloured Block Specification Guidelines

Product Specification

Product specification should be named: Tasco Blocks and Pavers and the colour name and required finish.

Mortar Additive

Tasco Blocks and Pavers recommend the inclusion of Tech-Dry Mortar additive in all product specifications in order to fully protect the walling system. Tech-Dry Mortar additive should be batched on site in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Stock of Colours and Textures

Lead times of 3-4 weeks apply to all coloured blocks as they are made to order. Longer lead times apply to Honed and Polished finishes as the product must be cured for approximately 4 weeks before processing.

All colour swatches displayed in electronic or print media are intended to be representative only. Colours as shown are subject to media variation in reproduction and may also vary due to changes in the raw material.

Sample tiles and block are intended to be representative only as colour variations can occur due to variations in raw material and production processes.

Contact the Tasco Blocks and Pavers sales office for a complete colour sample tile kit.

Construction Reference Notes

  • Masonry walls are to be constructed in accordance with AS3700:2001.
  • Blocks must be kept dry on site before use and when laid. Freshly laid walls must be covered overnight and when rain interrupts work in order to prevent moisture entering the cores of the blocks.
  • Blocks must not be left wrapped up on site for extended periods as blocks could sweat in pallets / wrap and water staining could be come evident.
  • Do not put mortar on the centre web of the blocks.
  • Ensure that perpends are buttered on each side with a void in the middle. The mortar joints should be well ironed to provide a tight sealed joint.
  • Blockwork should be kept clean from mortar smears on the edge of masonry units during construction. Acid should not be used for cleaning masonry walls due to possible discolouration.
  • When core filling coloured blockwork, some seepage may occur due to hydrostatic pressure as the cores are filled. Ensure any seepage marks are cleaned off thoroughly before drying to prevent staining.


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